100 days of happiness day 86: beach time!

What made me happy today?? We have a lovely trip to the cove… how beautiful is this place !?! I feel so blessed that we were posted here.  

The suns been shining all day and Duke was given the all clear to take off the “cone of shame”, to play with other dogs and to go to the beach! So of coarse we took a walk to the seaside; living 10 minutes walk from the sea is a real blessing. Keeping Duke inside for days has not been a blessing! 
We had to go later in the day because it was too hot for movement. It was hotter than hell in a particularly hot summer. I adore being at the seaside, so does Duke and Karl just puts up with it because we like it! Sea, stones, sun and a pint (glass of wine for me) on the way home… perfection.

The cove wasn’t too packed either, which is a win, so we where able to find a good spot.

I adore the cove. It’s full of happy memories and is just absolutely stunning. And the drink on the way home wasn’t half bad! 

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