100 days of happiness day 87: visit from my brother and his fiancé and learning to playing poker !

What made me happy today?? My brother came to visit! 

He and his lovely fiancé came round and stayed the night. It’s great to have the round. They brought dinner with them too; who doesn’t like a house guest who brings food??? 
We walked the dog and had a glass of wine. Then headed to the mess to play poker. He mess is the go-to place for us when we have people round; definitely not London prices. Also our house is so little haveing lots of grown ups in it isn’t always easy; drinking in the mess conveniently means no extra washing up . Karl’s weekly poker night was takeing place so we decided to have a go.

Soooo I’m sure I’ve played poker before but this maybe the first time ever I have really understood the game (yay me). I didn’t win. I started playing a bit recklessly towards the end because it was late and I needed to go to bed. But there where times where I genuinely understood the game!! Although I get confused about when I have to bet and when I can check, also the big/little blind thing confused me at points, I also suck at shuffling. However!! I enjoyed it. And now I understand the game in practice I will do much better next time.

It’s lovely to spend time with my brother as he is away being clever at university. The pair of them have their own flat a little too far away to pop by regularly. We all have manic lives so a relaxed catch-up is a nice breather (although he was haveing car trouble). 

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