100 days of happiness day 89: Rain! 

What made me happy today?? Before the days even started; the rain! 

I’m so happy to see he rain. To feel the chill it the air rather than sweltering heat. The sound of rain in the early hours literally brought me joy! (Sad I know but “sorry not sorry”).

I’m really not great with getting on with life in the heat. The rain however? I can run, walk the dog and go about my usual business without feeling like I’m going to die. The dog struggles badly in the heat so I hope the rain has brought him muddy puddles to roll in.

I know what everyone is going to say: you will be moaning it’s too cold when the winter comes. Maybe I will! But right now rain is sweet relief. The air feels better. 

I must admit I much prefer autumn or spring. Where u get more of a mix of weather and the breakthrough of sunshine is a joy. Constant heat breaks me when I’m at work. Sorry for being so British and so obsessed with the weather!

Yay rain!

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