100 days of happiness day 90: moving the furniture around.

What made me happy today?? Moving furniture around.

So my house is tiny and it’s hard to move furniture. But I just love having a reshuffle and changing the look of our home. I just love it.

Our new rug arrives tomorrow which is what prompted the shift around. Duke didn’t make it easy! The crazy dog kept siting on the furniture I was moving and getting under my feet. Mad mutt. 

We live in SFA (service family accommodation) and as we where unsure of how long the posting would be we haven’t painted. So any ” character ” the rooms have had to come from the furniture. Which is why I’m constantly working on it. I just can’t get our living room right. But now the dog isn’t climbing into the window sill I have been able to shuffle it around and give us some more floor space. 

I love a little reshuffle. 

Duke approves

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