100 days of happiness day 93: Time together.

What made me happy today?? Time messing around, joking and laughing with my guy! 

I got to wake up next to my husband and really appreciate the moment. Listen to the sound of us breathing: almost in sync. Indulge in rarity of us both being able to have a lay in. 
I did leave him in bed eventually. To check on the dog. Who proceeded to snuggle up next to me on the sofa. It was a cuddly morning.

But once Karl was awake we could begin the day. He the dog and I managed some proper time together. Without time restraint, pressure or important things to do! We lounged around and cuddled. Went for a lazy long walk before returning to lounging around watching films. 

 It was a good day! A good lazy day. 

Sometimes it’s lovely to just appreciate time together doing nothing much at all. Messing around  and wasting the day.

Its my favourite thing to wake up next to him; not have to jump out of bed for work or the busyness of life. To just live in the moment.  

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