Weeks 22, 23 and 24: Duke the mad dog.

The last 3 weeks have been so busy. (Hence why I’m have to squash three weeks into one post). Karl, Duke and I have only just managed to relax.  

Duke has started going off the lead in public places; with members of the public. Sometimes that greatly worried me.
Our first trip was to the local beach. He enjoyed it so much. 

On the whole he has been pretty fantastic! Now and again he makes a mad dash for a picnic blanket on the beach or runs a little too far ahead; but in general he is pretty well behaved. And he’s flattened no one yet.

My handsome chap

To be honest I have been really shocked with how good he has been. He’s less bothered by the other dogs around him and much more focused on us. So much that we can be in a meter of another dog without him bothering them. He has been off the lead at our local beach a few times now and is even braving going further into the sea. He’s still a wimp though and won’t attempt swimming. But I think swimming just isn’t his thing.

Dukes getting much faster at following commands. Okay every now and again he will still take some time to ponder whether he really wants to sit down or not. And every now and again when I call him back he gives me a “yeah right” look. However, on that note, his recall is 100% better. Such a massive improvement resulting in him coming when called much of the time. I was on the phone the other day and he just kept coming straight back to me every time I tapped my legs. Other times calling him backs been pretty successful. Playing fetch helps as I can use it to teach him to listen and pay attention to me.

Duke loves a game of fetch! He loves his ball. He would carry it everywhere if I let him. And loves it even more when it’s being used for a good game of fetch. I love it too as it wastes lots of energy. 

Duke’s favourite pass time

His fence hopping has gotten out of hand. Due to this he is now on a longline if in the garden; if he sees something interesting he’ll just jump the fence quicker than I can process what’s happening. I never leave him in the garden unattended anyway. But I can’t catch him in time even if I can see the thought forming in his mind. We are going to have to work on that one! 
We have had a walk with my husband’s niece and 2 nephews today. I was really worried he’d jump up or be too boisterous. But he proved me wrong again and was superb. Very gentle. Im so proud of him. He seems to know when someone needs him to stay calmer. How could I ever have doubted him??
Duke’s newest friends appear to be bovine in origin; cows. Duke has made friends with the local herd of cows. It was very strange really. They came up one by one and investigated him through the fence. Even licking his snout! It was very sweet. They kept following him along the fence line; too cute. Maybe he is an honorary cow?

Duke’s demand barking has become hard work. He only does it to me, it’s always when I’m busy, and I always feel guilty after. I’m not sure how to handle it in the best way at the moment. It is definitely stress inducing and because he only does it to me in knocks my confidence abit. Any advice welcome.
The hot weather has been a struggle for him. He’s desperate to go out but the heat gets him quick. Luckily you can almost always find a muddy puddle to stay cool!! We have tried a cooling mat but he’s pretty suspicious of it. I’m hoping eventually he’ll love it.

I’ve notice a big difference in him since we got his “bits done”. I don’t know if it’s definitely down to that or something else; but we have a calmer Duke all the same. He still loves my attention though. He’s easier to calm down when he does get excited and hasn’t tried to jump anything! (Or one).

Love my boy. 

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