100 days of happiness day 95: first dip in the sea of summer. 

What made me happy today?? The first swim in the sea of summer (well okay I didn’t swim. I dipped my legs ! But the crazy husband swam). 

You put it off over and over again; you know the sea is going to be freezing! Beyond freezing… as summer approaches, and the weather heats up, it becomes more tempting. Till finally you take the plunge. And it’s as cold as you expected! But not for long. You get use to it.

I love the first dip of summer! It means more are to come. A dip in the sea means I have nothing pressing to do for the rest of the day. It reminds me of being a kid and being brave enough to dunk your whole body under the waves. Spending all day in the sea. Refusing to believe you are cold, running from seaweed, jumping waves. All those lovely childhood memories tied to the freezing cold sensation of the sea.

It’s great to finally dip more than my toes. But alas I’m not hardy enough to swim! The dog enjoyed it too! 
Here’s to lots of sea dipping this summer! 

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