100 days of happiness day 96: Monkey World 

What made me happy today?? We went to monkey world! And I adore anything rescue centre/zoo in nature. 
Monkey worlds lovely (we have been a few time). The enclosures are fantastic, spacious and have great viewing points. 

The place feels less money magnet and more organic. No flashy signs but good old fashioned laminated A4 sheets with information about each animal, it’s background and group. However you do go home with a lot of wood chip in your sandals! There are loads of volunteers and staff walking around if you have a question or query. The site itself is pretty big, filled not only with mokeys and apes but also deer, chickens and other widelife (which are running free). There is a lemur walk through if you walk to get up close and personal with the monkeys.

The centre has a wide range of monkeys and apes to see. I adore the orang-utans; they are so expressive and playful. The babies just make my heart melt and the older ones look so soulful and deep in contemplation.

The site aims to raise awareness of the pet trade, mistreatment and use for experimentation of these amazing animals. Many of the monkeys have been rescued from harrowing situations and, thanks to monkey world, have gone on to lead much more pleasant and happy lives. So by supporting the centre, when you visit and spend your money, your also doing a little bit of good by enabling the centre to keep doing it’s good work. 

It’s a lovely day out. 

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