100 days of happiness day 98: sea life centre. 

What made me happy today?? Sea creatures great and small.

We still have family visiting and typically the weather has turned! Rain and wind galore. So the desperate hunt for an indoor activity lead is to the Sea life centre in Weymouth. 
I like the one in Weymouth because it is really child friendly but still interesting for adults: and we had 4 adults and 3 kids! The exhibits aren’t in one large building but instead are dotted around the site; this means gaps of fresh air in between each area. I love this! Sometimes aquariums give me a bit of a headache but the gaps seem to prevent that (and you don’t feel so crowded when it’s busy). Plus if you have kids it’s great to expend energy outside! There is lots of information on display and some pretty amazing creatures.

They have an interactive rock pool which is very cool. It gives you the chance to touch the pool life. The crabs are pretty awesomem… and abit intimating. I found out that starfish have two stomachs and if something the eat makes them sick they can get rid of the whole stomach! Who doesn’t love a slightly yucky fact?  

My favourite is always the turtles. The little ones are so sweet, but the big sea turtles? They are just beautiful. I can’t help but stare. 

The “weedy sea dragon” might just be my new favourite sea creature. It looks like something from the Harry Potter series. Maybe Newt Scamander has accidentally dropped them into the tank on a fly by visit. Their movement is strangely ethereal, swaying in their little tank. They are so strange. And so very cool. 

Over all, a pretty lovely day. 

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