Finding a second dog. 

We have been on a casual hunt for a brother or sister for our wonderful hound. Finding a four legged friend is difficult because I’m keen to make sure Duke doesn’t get pushed around by his new companion. 
The hunt for the right companion has sparked many debates. 

We decided a smaller pooch was key as Duke weighs or 32kg, when I don’t weigh much more than 55kg, two dog Duke’s size would easily outweigh me if they both where pulling on the lead! When we got Duke he was a nightmare on the lead and it took a lot of work to get him to the point he is today; and he still pulls when he sees another dog or a particularly exciting puddle. 

I would like a dog who will play, run and cuddle with Duke and of course us!! I like most dogs if I’m honest, but when it comes to our lifestyle a small dog wouldn’t work. I’d adore another Ridgeback cross because dukes been so amazing; but they can be quite large! I love large breeds. My ideal 2nd dog would be a Golden Retriever, my husband’s? A Bulldog. So a little different. Much debate ahead I think. 

We have Borge looked and seen wonderful dogs. But decided to take things slow at the moment and not rush into a second beasty. 

We are looking to rehome again. I like the idea of giving a home where it’s needed. We need a lively, playful, medium sized dog. Who won’t boss my big baby about too much! Much research ahead.

1) What breed, breed mix to get.

2) How to introduce them.

3) How to make sure our first fur baby dosnt feel like he’s loosing out. 

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