Running: some progress would be lovely please.

Running has not been going as planned lately. I’ve made 0 progress in fact I have gotten worse and my times are slipping.  Especially since I hit a patch of low mood a few weeks ago. In my grump I let my running slip even more; and after two weeks of patchy running I have finally got back to it this week.

I kept my distance short, but last week I finally got my butt back into gear. I must admit I was helped along by a spurt of good luck: I got a new job, had a week off, good running weather and after a few lovely days I had the motivation needed. So with all this good luck I managed to get out 4 out of 7 days. I’d normal aim for 5 or 6 out of 7 and do more mile for each run but as I have been so flaky for month I thought I would take it slow; sort the motivation and then sort the miles after.

My times haven’t been too bad! But I have a Tough Mudder, the Great South Run and the Bournemouth 10km to train for. I downloaded a new album to try keep the positive mood. Just hoping I can reliably rebuild my mileage without hitting a slump again or hitting a wall. My running goals for the last 6 months haven’t been met and I’ve definitely not been feeling as confident as I would like. Its hard to believe this time last year I was training for a half marathon and felt relatively confident!
I keep trying to not compare my self to others, but its really annoying that even comparing myself to how I was last year is depressing! I need my mojo but most importantly I need to keep myself in a ‘good running place’ for a good period of time. the bad week, good week, bad week, good week cycle is killing me.

Any motivational tips welcome

For now I better lace up and head out!

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