Bucket list update: 87. Learn to be a confident cook.

This one went on the list because I have always struggled to cook. But I have always wanted to be able to feel relaxed when cooking. I would get nerves, worried, and open the oven a million times or cut the chicken into a million pieces.

Since I got married last year, and I became the main cook in the house (lots of pressure there!), I have been trying to gain confidence and become a better cook. Most because my nerves couldn’t take it! I would get so worried.

A year on and I haven’t killed anyone yet!

Now to me a confident cook is someone who knows they can cook and has minimal panic while doing so. They don’t have to be the best cook (and I’m definitely not) they just need to know they can follow a recipe or, where necessary, follow vague internet instructions that you just have to give up on and “wing it”. “Winging it” has become my forte. A few days ago I cooked my husband steak, without worrying (apparently it was yum!), I just popped it in the pan and cooked it. Something that would have been beyond me not that long ago. This is a big change from the panicked apologetic cook I was a year ago. I’ve managed to pick up a few tricks. Like I said I’m not the best but I’ve managed to get to the point where I feel confident. A bit braver in my experimentation. My specialties are sausage casserole, curry and chicken and steak noodles… so its not fine dinning but at least its non-fine-dinning done with self-belief! I still use every pot, pan and mixing bowl I can find but oh well.

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