Big-dog-little-handler: Week 3.

We have officially had 3 weeks of dog training! We are definitely noticing a difference in Duke, a positive change, he’s much more compliant. While of course maintaining he cheeky personality. I’m feeling a lot more confident! I feel a lot more competent as the sessions go on . When we have to walk out on to the floor to practice a command I’m a lot less conscious. Duke and I are definitely getting there; as far as I’m concerned we make a good team. 

Session 4: Duke has grown in confidence and with confidence he’s also decided that every now and then instead of listening he’s going to stare at the other dogs or just look at me with his puppy dog eyes! But by the end of the session he was pretty much back on track! He didn’t quite manage the 2 minuet stay; everything was too distracting. But he managed to learn a new trick: going from way down to sitting up on command. So I’ll take a win where I can get one. 

Session 5: Duke was really well behaved, he followed instructions pretty well until I told him to go to his bed; and again he just wouldn’t get out! That dog!! He just loves his bed. Another handler had to give me some of his dog’s chicken as motivation. We are finding that his treats aren’t working as well as they use to. They just aren’t as tempting. This week I’m going to try I nice mix of different treats to help motivate him a little bit better. Pop in some chicken, ham and cheese. Hopefully that will keep his attention! 

He was a lot less excited going into the classes this time which is great.

At home: We have been practicing all the things we do in the sessions. Practicing both on and off our walk. He’s following the command pretty well at home and is follow the “heal” command beautifully! He will also follow a “stay” command and let me walk out the room and come back to him. He is brilliant at getting in his bed when told (but he LOVES his bed). Rather unexpectedly I have noticed he has stopped demand barking at me, obviously I’m not an expert but perhaps this is because he recognised me as being in charge now? Who knows. Could be! 

We have another session today and I’m armed with a mixed bag of yummy treats and a lot more self belief. 

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