Bucket list update: 132. Make an origami animal.

Origami, or the art of paper folding, is cool. I don’t care what anyone says. Something so intricate and pretty created from a simple square of paper? Automatically cool. I popped this one on my bucket list because it involves being concise and just a little patient ; two traits I don’t often embody. I’m sometimes a little rushed, sloppy and a wee bit messy with following instructions. It was a nice test of my patience and focus. 
Origami has apparently been around since the 1600s, lots of cultures take part in paper folding, there are lots of different designs. Some are much harder than others. I used a step-by-step website and tried a child’s design first! I had a go at the frog; but my first attempt didn’t look much like a frog. 

My second go was a little harder; the Japanese crane. It took me a little longer and I definitely need to tidy it up on my next go. Maybe next time I’ll get some of the pretty paper that your meant to use rather than a note pad. But it’s definitely not something I could make without the instructions. Overall it was quite fun but the end of its tail got a little bit squished. I’ll be looking for an excuse to make another.

11 thoughts on “Bucket list update: 132. Make an origami animal.

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  1. It’s very nice to see you doing things from your bucket list. I started mine two years ago, but still has a lot to get done. I added my list to my blog recently so that I can get moving on it. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  2. Nicely done , perhaps you might want to have a look at my page too have tried to compile history of Origami with one of my sample model(3D one ) . This post of yours would act a an inspiration to create steps for my coming model πŸ™‚


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