Bucket list update: 112. Read a book I would not have thought about reading.

I love reading. But I tend to love reading the same sort of books. Harry Potter, Disc world, the daemon trapper’s daughter, Artemis Fowl and other “fantasy world” type books tend to be my go to when I want to snuggle up and read. These are the books I fell in love with in my teens. They are a comfortable place to curl up and relax. A place to escape to for a few hours. I’ve drifted off to Hogwarts or lost my self in the world of Ankh Morpork more times than I can count.
I’m not great at picking up a new book. In the last few years I’ve stuck to my usuals. I popped this on my bucket list because I wanted to push myself into reading something new. Find some more worlds it is fun to visit. I love my go-to reads, and I’ll still be reading the Harry Potter series every year, but it’s alway good to try something new once and a while right? 

Yes. The answers yes! I curled up to read Kathy Reichs’ “Flash and Bones”. A few days ago. It was a really good read. In fact it was fantastic. 

The book focuses on Dr Temperance Brennan a forensic anthropologist. I started mid way through the series but that didn’t matter. This is the book series that inspired the TV series “Bones” but it’s very different from the show.

As it’s written by a real life forensic anthropologist it feels very real; with just enough terminology; Just enough that you feel part of her world without being bamboozled or feel like your reading a text book. The characters are relatable and interesting aswell. You can’t help likening Brennan and disliking her ex’s new fiancé. I loved the cop and his attitude problem. 

I really loved the book and I’ll definitely be stepping out of my reading comfort zone again! I liked it so much I’ll be reading another from the series; after I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets for the millionth time of course! 

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