Bucket list update: 142. carve a pumpkin.

🎶 This is Halloween, this is Halloween 🎶 okay it’s not quite yet. But it is October. And I have never ever carved a pumpkin and I love Halloween! So naturally this morning, when I had lots of stuff to do, I popped downstairs and carved a pumpkin. In my PJs. 

First things first; how strange is the inside of a pumpkin?? all stringy bits and seeds. Second thing: I think I’m going to have to do another one or two before Halloween, due to premature carving, what do I do with my discarded pumpkin insides??? 
Of course I carved Mr pumpkin head while singing along to the soundtrack of “Nightmare before Christmas ” because if your going to do something you have got to do it right. 

My husband seems baffled by my excitement but I love Mr Pumpkin Head. And it was so fun. I’ll be downloading all my Halloween staples tonight ready to binge watch throughout October. (Alittle side note: none of my Halloween films are scary, most of them are Disney, because I’m a scaredy cat). 

Happy Halloween, and that’s another tick off the bucket list. 

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