Big-dog-little-handler: When training pays off. 

Dog training can be wonderful when everything goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t always translate to the real word; in the same way the real world doesn’t always translate to training class. It’s great when both worlds come together and your pooch behaves like a model citizen. 
Our lovely pup isn’t always on best behaviour when on a walk but lately he has come on leaps and bounds. 

A few days ago we where able to let Duke off the lead and call him back to us; even when he found an exciting hole in the fence and crawled through. My panicked voice seemed to be enough to direct him back through. Not only were we able to call him back but I was able to get him to stop and sit mid excitement. 

We have been working on his recall and emergency stop for a few weeks so I was beyond excited when it worked! Unfortunately I think he will still be on the lead for a little while as he’s easily distracted by dogs and kids! 

Duke’s not only been off the lead but he has learnt a few new skills. The most notable: jumping!! Not just jumping like a maniac dog but with some purpose and control. 

We started off on small jumps with me guiding him over the jump with a treat and pairing the action with the word “jump”. Before I knew it he was jumping faster and in a much more controlled way. He did amazingly. In fact towards the end of the session he was jumping all three jumps quick as lightening. He’s such a clever boy! I’m very proud; can you tell?? The jumps really wore him out to. He slept for ages after which is a bonus when the house work needs doing. The only downside was I had to keep him on the lead so he didn’t jump the fence. 

It’s not all hard work lately. Duke took some time out to enjoy Halloween…

He has continued to progress in class aswell. We have had lots of compliments on how far he’s come. We have even ditched the no pull halti; something I was starting to think we would never be without! I’m dropping the lead a lot more in class to , next step? No lead (but not quite yet). I get nervous he will run off and annoy another dog and cause utter chaos. So far he hasn’t so maybe I should trust him more. Hopefully soon I’ll be brave enough. 

Who knows what else he will learn between this post and next??

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