Big-dog-little-handler: If Duke wrote a blog.

If Duke wrote this post it would probably go a little like this; 

My name is Duke! I am a fearless, lion hunting dog. I love long walks and jumping! I love the sea but only on my toes because no one likes a cold belly. I like warm blankets, peanut butter, cuddles with my mum and dad, balls and peanut butter. 

I have been training my mum and dad to give me treats when I need them; they are doing really well but sometimes they forget to give me one. It’s okay though I’ll just keep barking at them till they do as they are told! 

My mum and dad are good to me. They keep buying me comfy beds to sleep in… unfortunately they keep exploding!! Who knew beds could do that? I’m lucky to be alive to be honest. 

They also buy me lovely toys to pull the fluff out of and spread around the house; I love that it’s my favourite thing to do!! Mum and dad just love having the fluff all over the carpet . 

My mum and dad have been taking me to dog school. Lots of my four legged friends go. It’s very fun. Especially when I do the opposite of what my mum tells me. That’s so funny; she just loves it. 

I love my home, there are lots of exciting creatures near by! There are Cows! I love cows! Cows are great… but sometimes scary… but also great! Sheep are cool to. I haven’t figured out if they are scary, my friends or food! Pheasant are my friends they want to play chase with me they always get away. 

The only problem with my home is the gruesome, horrific, gnarly beast who stalks my poor family. Only I can protect them and guard them from this horrible creature: the vacuum cleaner. I’m only just able to keep the thing at bay. But I will always be here to bark at it when ever it comes! Forever protecting my family.

Every day we go for a walk first thing in the morning. It’s dark so I have to protect my mum from plastic bags! They can be vicious and, like the postman, they can sneak up on you. The Yodel man to. He’s sneaky. My mum protects me from the foxes though…. they are really scary. When we go for our afternoon walk all these dangers are gone thankfully!

It rains a lot and most of the time there are lots of puddles for me to jump in here: When we come home I shake my mud all over the big TV: my dad loves that! 

My favourite part of the day is when my mum and dad come home. They love it when I jump up and bark and go crazy… I wouldn’t make such a fuss but how would they know I love them?? 

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