Bucket List Update: 111. Start a job or career path that makes me happy.

Some people may not find my job exciting, but I love my job! And its really nice to love my job again.
A year and a half ago I married my best friend and I moved away. My wonderful husband is a soldier so I knew that living together may involve moving around and there for leaving my job. I loved my work; but I loved my husband and our life together more.
We now live a bit out in the sticks and I don’t drive; yeah I know, who doesn’t drive these days? this losers, that’s who! Finding work is hard. Finding a good job is even harder.


I spent a year doing little local jobs that quite frankly I hated. My last job made me want to cry on a regular basis. I had lost a bit of focus on my career, and a bit of hope, if I am honest. My life is so lovely I left finding a good job on the back burner. I felt like I had most things in life maybe this one wasn’t important if I had all the other things. But after a bit of a shake up I put it on my bucket list; gave myself some motivation. My poor husband was happy I started looking for a new job again; he had to deal with a very grump miserable wife at times. Looking for a new job actually meant a career change; I left early years for the time being and now do something really different.


My new job makes me really happy; I love what I do and I love the people. Most importantly it also opens me up to a lot of other possibilities. And possibilities when we move; which after all is ideal in this kind of life. It feels great to talk about my day in a positive way again, to gain new experiences and skills, to meet new people (and spend time away from camp).
Its early days. I don’t really know if I will stay in this job. We don’t even know if we are going to stay in the county. But for now I’m really happy!

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