Dorset dog walk,

Since we got Duke, our Rhodesian ridgeback cross English mastiff, we have been exploring all the dog friendly sites of Dorset that we can. We have found quite a few wonderful places that are worth visiting;

Upton country park.

One of our favourites! Not only is it massive with lots of different paths you can take. It also has a dog training run. Which is a godsend if you looking for somewhere to reinforce a recall, teach an emergency stop or just want to give your hound a run around. There’s a wonderful cafe you can sit outside; the coffee and food is great. There’s also a dog wash! Which is a life saver when you have a 6 stone beast covered in mud. I’ve never been and felt it was too busy to relax; which is great and it’s beautiful especially in the autumn.

Studland beach

Winter walks on stundland beach are idilic. I think it would be too busy for our boy in the summer but the winter is much quieter. The dogs are allowed off the lead in the winter months and there’s plenty of space to run. It’s also national trust land so If your a member you park for free. win.

Moore’s valley.

Definitely a dog on the lead kind of place. Lots of kids running around and cyclists. It’s huge so there is lots of space to roam, but there’s also lots of wildlife. We definitely keep our boy on the lead for this one.

Wareham wood.

It’s such a great place to take the dog. There’s lots to explore on and off lead. It’s massive so you could explore a different part every week. Somehow duke always seems to find the muddiest puddle known to dog kind.

Corfe castle.

We enjoyed Corfe castle. It can get crowded though. Duke seemed To really enjoying climbing up the the rocks and stones. The surrounding cafes and pub’s allow dogs in, which is fabulous.

Branksome beach

Dogs off the lead in the winter and on in the summer months, it’s a lovely walk. You can stroll all the way to Bournemouth or Boscome pier.

Arne (I think it’s called Arne).

It’s a dog walk we stumbled across that wraps around a farm. Duke fell into the worst muddy puddle I have ever seen. But there’s a lovely clear river which offers good dog washing opportunities.

Mupe bay

Mupe is lovely, especially as its often empty. Brilliant for a dog who’s working on their recall! So beautiful to.

Lulworth cove

A short walk and very pretty. Lots of dog friendly places to eat or have a drink.

Durdle door.

Lovely walk and oh so pretty. You can walk all the way from Lulworth cove. It can get really busy in the summer months though.

Tynham village

I love this walk. You can wonder through the village and down to the beach. But it’s a bit of a walk if you forget your picnic.

Do you know any doggy friendly places in Dorset you think we should try??? We would love your suggestions…

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