When it doesn’t all go to plan; hang in there.

Everyone who knows me knows I love my dog. My furry baby. Everyone knows that I go all gooey and soppy over the great beast. But it’s not all love hearts and cuddles… some times Duke tests us to our limits. Today was one of those days. And yes I cried. Only a little.

We had gone for a dog walk last week with lots of other dogs; and although Duke was excited he was well behaved. Today not so much. He just became so over excited he was hard to control; jumping, howling, pulling and barking. He was far to rough with the other dogs and, on the lead, pulled us all around the shop! I was beside myself with frustration. I wanted him to be able to play but he was too excited. Not even the hubby seemed able to hold his lead without being swung around. I was so upset I felt like I was letting Duke down and was abit of a failure. Everyone was, thankfully, really understanding; I think my face portrayed it all. My worry and embarrassment, my concern for Duke’s backwards step and my frustration painted across my face.

I wanted him to enjoy the walk. I wanted us to enjoy it and most importantly I didn’t want to ruin it for the other dog walkers. A lot of emotion for one walk.

We where ready to leave. We where ready to turn around and not come again. Luckily another lady and her dog helped us out. We broke of and headed back the way we came. Duke was much much better. He was calmer and more relaxed. Until he chased a cyclist! In our defence we had waited ages to see if they where coming our way but they took so long. We had already let the dogs off again so he cased the lead bike! I was mortified. We had at least had a small win today. Some times you just have to tweek the situation and set your dog up for a win. Or it’s all tears and no smiles which isn’t good for anyone.

We have got a lot to work still left to do. But at times we forget too easily how far our boy has come.

This is the dog who’s belly was flat against the ground on a walk and now walks well (without excitement) loose lead and all. Who no longer barks when we come in and out the house. Who has learnt to follow instructions in class; when before he wouldn’t even respond to his name. We are winning. Just slowly.

It’s not always easy and sometimes it’s okay to cry, as longs as you don’t give up! Because nothing good is easy!

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