2017 you have been brilliant.

The year is coming to an end, like most, I’ve been reflecting on the year we have had. Thinking about whether I have accomplished my goals, thinking about what I have achieved and most importantly thinking about what fun we have had.

It’s been a crazy, beautiful, brilliant year with lots of change;

We expanded our family. On February we brought home our crazy hound. He’s brought so much joy into our lives. He’s been hard work at times, easy at others. He’s changed us and made our lives better. He’s also come so far in such a short space of time. He’s a bundle of love. Have you ever seen a cuter face than this??

We started taking Duke training and suddenly our lives are all out dog training! If I’m honest our days are pretty dog focused now anyway! The three of us have had some fabulous adventures.

Where does our family go from here?? We are hoping to find a sister for Duke; of the four legged variety.

We have been on so many adventures. Big adventures and little ones. It’s been wonderful and at times unexpected. We’ve done some amazing things; flown a plane, attended an army navy game, taken an unexpected trip to bath, been to the zoo, celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, attended a few balls, my best friend and I did a tough Mudder half and a colour run…the list goes on and on.

I started a new job. It’s been a year of change indeed. I took on a totally new job and found I loved it. I’m hoping to make my job there permanent in the new year.

I’ve knocked a few things off my bucket list. Just under 20 things knocked off my bucket list this year! I’ve tried loads of new things and loved every second of it.

I’ve run some great runs; I’ve taken part in some fabulous events and added to my medal collection.

I’ve been bold; I’ve invested in my wardrobe but have also been much more confident in myself; I even dyed my hair red for a little while!

Every day I fall more and more in love; sorry for the soppiness. But yeah! 2017 has strengthened us and brought us a lot of joy.

I reached some of my goals… but not others. I set myself 6 goals at the start of this year:

Sleep more; I make a point of going to bed early when I’ve had a busy few days and I’ve noticed a real difference. Save money; yeah that didn’t happen. Run more half marathons; also not achieved, I did a 10 mile event but unfortunately didn’t run any half’s this year. Be more greatful; this was so important to me. With such a lovely life I think it’s important to take stock of the brilliant things I have and do. I’ve made a conscious decision everyday to be more greatful and express my gratitude. Make memories; man we have made loads. Brilliant beautiful moments I will never forget. Be more social-able; I’m getting there! Slowly but surely. I now work off camp which helps.

Goals for the year ahead;

Keep up the gratitude

Make more spectacular memories

Invest in my home

Do our bronze award with duke

Save money

Drink more water and eat healthier

Improve my running

I hope 2017 was all you wanted and wish you an even better 2018.

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