Bucket list update: 96. Do a good deed every day for a week.

So for 7 days I’ve aimed to do a good deed every day. And I’m happy to say I succeeded. Now I don’t want to focus too much on the deeds themselves; because I think advertising it is kind of against the point.

This week has made it clear good deed’s are easily done. It’s not actually difficult to spot a need and help in some small way. It’s easy to find the potential to do a good turn. It’s easy to help someone out, donate to charity or go out of your way for someone. Good deeds should be a natural part of our lives, but, I think it’s nice to consciously commit a good deed. To spread some good karma and positive vibes.

What’s a good deed? Well to me it should benefit another person with no intention of reward or reciprocation.

I’ve enjoyed this week but most importantly it’s felt really natural. I think it keeps the soul good to not receive something for a good act; whether that be praise, goods or service. To just do something because it’s kind to do so. We could all do with some kindness now and then!

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