28 Days of Healthy Living: Day 5

If it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I’m giving myself 28 days. 28 days of aiming to be healthier. I’m consciously Follow healthy habits through out my day; To eat better, exercise more frequently and make healthier choices. I’m doing this all with the hope that by the time the 28 days is over I will have created a much healthier approach to life.

This is mostly because I’m hoping to run a marathon at the end of the year and want to be healthy and ready when I do! I tend to follow diets / health for a short time then it drops off the map. I want to make a change that will stick!

Day 5 today!

Another day at work And I deserve a medal… I made myself a salad! Didn’t snack and didn’t eat sweets! But then I went out this evening and had two beers and didn’t run (ooops!).

Food: Toast, salad for lunch and some toast when I got in and home made sausage casserole for dinner I had a small portion and lots of veg. No snacks (win!).

Exercise: Its not my rest day but I didn’t run: but it’s been awhile since we have seen our friends so I think I’m forgiven for today. I walked the dog this morning and before I went out . 90 second plank, 100 sit ups, 100 push up, 50 squats.

Promoting good mental health: time out with our friends and a nice evening!

The unhealthy bit: the beer and the late night (I’m so sleepy!)

Overall: not the best! But I ate well and I’m feeling happy ( albeit guilty for not having been for a run!)

5 of 28 done !

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