28 Days of Healthy Living: Day 10.

General consensus is that it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit; I’m giving myself 28 days. 28 days of eating better, exercise more frequently and making healthier choices throughout the day. So that, hopefully, by the time the 28 days is over I will have created a much healthier approach to life. I want to run a marathon at the end of the year so I need to be a little fitter and healthier to do so. Especially after the last two months.

Food: Toast, a pasty for lunch and pizza for dinner. It was a stressful day so I didn’t eat particularly healthily but I also didn’t go crazy and eat a million cakes! No snacking and over all was quite sensible. So a small win.

Exercise: 16402 steps. A 5.6 km run in the rain. Two dog walks then 150 sit ups, 50 press ups and two 60 second planks. I’ve kept pretty active today even with a sit down job.

Promoting good mental health: it was a chaotic day so a de stressing run was great.

Over all: okay I could have eaten better! But exercise wise I’m not doing too bad. I genuinely think my snacking is getting better.

10/28 done !

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