28 Days of Healthy Living: Day 11

If it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I’m giving myself 28 days. 28 days of trying to be healthier and consciously make healthy choices. I’m trying to eat better and exercise more frequently and reduce the frequency of “bad” or “naughty” eating/lazy days.

I’m doing this all with the hope that by the time the 28 days is over I will stick to a much healthier lifestyle. I want to run a marathon at the end of the year and want to be at my best!

It really wasn’t a great day today I pretty much struggled at everything.

Food: porridge for breakfast , a good start, a cheese and ham roll for lunch and Camembert, chips and garlic bread for dinner (my favourite kind of dinner). We had dog training so I also had a slice of toast around 11.

Exercise: 60 second plank, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and one dog walk. We had dog training so I was on my feet for most of that.

Promoting good mental health: I had a pretty stressful day but I managed to keep it all in perspective and enjoy my evening with duke and my hubby at dog class.

The unhealthy bit: the food obviously and lack of real exercise .

Overall: can I pass this one off as a rest day???

Day 11 done 17 to go!

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