28 Days of Healthy Living: Day 14

If it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I’m giving myself 28 days. In this 28 days I’m aiming to be as health as I possibly can. I’m going to follow healthy habits and hopefully have enforce them by the end of the 28 day period. I’m doing my best to eat better and to exercise more frequently. This is because I want to run a marathon and want to be at my best when I do.

So food wasn’t the best today; but was much better than last few days! And I did park run so that’s a win.

Food: A donut (it was good) for breakfast. Some toast after my run. Cheese spread on crackers and then for dinner bunless burger, chips, peas, sweetcorn and beans. I had a small bowl of ice cream after dinner and I also had two pints of cinder when out.

Exercise: a lovely 6 mile Dog Walk, 50 sit ups and park run. At Park run I managed to run my 5km in 27.22 which I am bloody chuffed with. And is a PB for the last year or so. It’s a massive improvement on recent times.

Promoting good mental health: I had a well needed evening out with some friends: we went to the legion and played bingo! I’m such a party animal.

The unhealthy bit: I suppose ice cream isn’t the best for you but it isn’t awful ether.

Overall: a good day. Really active and I’m pretty happy.

Half way there!

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