28 Days Of Healthy Living: Day 15.

If it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I’m giving myself 28 days. In this 28 days I’m going to aiming to be as health as possible. I’m going to follow healthier habits and hopefully have enforce them by the time my 28 days are up. I’m trying to eat better and to exercise more frequently. When the 28 days are over I’m hoping they stick! Why? because I want to run a marathon and want to be at my best when I do.

Food food glorious food! You guessed it healthy eating wasn’t my best point today!

Food: toast for breakfast and we skipped lunch because dinner was home cooked fajitas. And because we had dinner guests not one but two puddings and a glass of red wine! I’m sure I read somewhere red wine is good for you?

Exercise: 6 mile Dog Walk and that’s it. It was a lazy Sunday.

Promoting good mental health: we had dinner guests which was lovely.

The unhealthy bit:clearly being miss two puddings. But what’s life with out abit of delicious pudding in it????

Overall: must try harder!

6 thoughts on “28 Days Of Healthy Living: Day 15.

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      1. At the moment I don’t mind the eating side, just the getting up. I’m naturally pretty much nocturnal Haha!


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