Big-dog-little-handler: off leading it!

Stop what you are doing. Duke managed to be unclipped in not one but THREE training classes. Can you feel the pride emanating from me!! Okay two of the classes were on the same day but the second session he was off the lead for most of the lesson. So so proud. This was something I thought would never ever happen. I thought he would be to easily distracted and at time unpredictable but, as always, he proved me wrong.

Duke managed to keep his eyes on the prize and do as he was told. My worry for a long time has been if I unclip his lead there will be an internet worthy chase round the hall, with my very wiggly and squirmy dog, which would be hilarious for everyone but me!!! He did me proud. No internet fame for us! This is definitely an improvement for the dog who 4 months ago more than a meter of lead made his mind wonder!

The key it seem for Duke is keeping his attention, rewarding him for giving you his attention and keeping him on his toes! He can’t have time to think between instructions off the lead because that’s when he gets silly ideas. Overall our boy has come a long way! In fact it makes me feel a little emotional.

Better give that dog a bone!!!

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