The food fanatic and her fussy eater: What to have for pudding?

Sugar cookies. That’s the answer!

My hubby (aka the fussy eater) found a sugar cookie recipe in my new cook book. I was a bit dubious. Their selling point seemed to be the soft buttery icing: and my fussy eater isn’t big on icing. Especially if it’s buttery in nature.

I’ve never had sugar cookies, I’ve also never seen sour cream used in a biscuit recipe. It seemed a strange combination but to be honest I was pleasantly surprise.

They where pretty easy to make even though they called for a hand mixer which I definitely don’t own…. I’ve only just bought a large mixing bowl!! But not having a hand mixer didn’t seem to hold me back.

The ingredients where all pretty simple and easy to lay my hands on (and cheep) and the instructions straight forward. Even if half way through it looked more like scrambled egg than any thing!

All these yummy biscuits were made off was:

Unsalted butter

Sour cream



Bicarbonate of soda

Bonilla extract



Icing sugar


And salt!

They cooked super fast and cooled quickly too, which is great when you are as impatient as me!

What about the fussy eater?? Well in his own words

; “In my professional pudding tester opinion although slightly premature as I have only eaten two, they are beautiful “

Professional pudding taster indeed!! (In his dreams!) he also insisted I packed some up for him to take to work tomorrow. I’ve loaded up a box and he has now eaten over 5! So they mustn’t be too bad.

I thought they where yummy and pretty light. But I’d only eat one or two at once. The icing was pretty tasty but definitely the type of cookie you need a brew with.

I stuck a bit of strawberry flavoured food colouring into the recipe which worked well! They looked so pretty when done so I’m pretty please with myself.

Duke kept a close eye on the treats to make sure no one else ate them.

I wonder what I should try cooking next???

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