28 Days of Healthy Living: One week on.

Based on the idea it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I gave myself 28 days. 28 days to build a healthier approach to life; eating less and exercising more. My hope is that by repeating these habits I will have enforced them enough that they stick. I’m hoping to run a marathon this year and want to be at my best when training. I finished my 28 days a week ago! Well, did the healthy habits stick?? Where my 28 days long enough to reset my post-Christmas habits and introduce some better, healthier ones? I think it maybe too soon to tell.

I have been drinking more and eating less snacks; opting for more sensible choices (kind of). I have been getting out to run and exercise more. My sit ups and press ups have gone out the window as I’m no longer accountable for recording them so they have slipped away; I’ll have to introduce a visible chart or something to record them on. But I’m focusing again on my step count and calorie count making sure I’m moving a lot more again.

I always struggle with eating ; I’m just such a foody. I love to eat and I love to eat yummy food!

The most important thing is I am exercising more. I am getting out and I’m enjoy it more than ever.

As for marathon training? Well I need to step my game up there. I need to sign up for a 10km and a half marathon in the near future and that will give me some insight into weather ill be able to train for a marathon.

Hopefully I’ll continue to stick to these new health habits over the next few weeks and months!

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