The food fanatic and her fussy eater: cooking a whole chicken.

Beer can chicken for dinner this evening!

This one is a mix of recipes I’ve found. I had to mix recipes around because they had things my fussy eater wouldn’t eat or I didn’t have to hand. Like a BBQ.

It’s actually the first time I’ve ever cooked a whole chicken. The idea actually freaked me out a-bit.

This recipe involved shoving a can up a chickens bum… weird right??? Apparently it keeps the chicken moist. A raw chicken looks strange and shoving a can up its bum looks stranger.

I used a Spanish larger, which tasted amazing and maybe my new favourite.

It actually did keep the chicken moist but as I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before I don’t know how it really compares.

The cooking process was really easy. All I needed was :

A chicken

2 table spoons of paprika

2 table spoons of garlic powder

2 table spoons of pepper

1 table spoon of salt

2 table spoons of Italian herbs

Olive oil

I shoved it in the oven for 1hour 30 mins. As the beer keeps it moist there isn’t any need to open the oven or bother the chicken again to cover it in its juices. I really want to try this on a BBQ and with BBQ marinade next time.

So what did the fussy eater think?? “Nom nom nom, very yummy in my tummy.” Exact quote !

So that’s a win! Wonder what to try next??

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