Big-dog-little-handler: Snow days.

So in case you are unaware: Britain has had a little bit of snow of late. On the south coast snow is often only a light dusting (if that) so despite severe weather warnings no one was quite expecting what we received. The impact on our little family was unexpected.

Both karl and I ended up with unexpected days off work and no car after having to abandon it! For Duke this is only his 2nd ever “proper snow”.

Duke isn’t a massive fan of wet windy weather so the first day he did not enjoy it. Can you tell by his face?? And by mine??

The wind was lethal. You could barely see. Duke was just desperate to go home. When the wind picked up the snow he thought it was alive and tried to chase it! Silly pup.

Due to round our home being a little unsafe and the weather being incredibly chaotic we kept walks short. An unfortunate necessity.

I thought duke was going to be an utter nightmare. He likes his walks and, like most dogs, they keep bad behaviour at bay. We used brain toys and Kongs to keep him occupied and where fully ready to deal with cabin fever induced craziness.

But give him his dues he seemed to realise inside was much better than outside. He was pretty chilled for the few days we were restricted and he even found a way to enjoy the snow once the wind had died down!

He loved jumping in and out of the heaps of snow. And catching it out of my hand. He was quite content to snuggle and chill out. He seems to have grown up a lot in the last year as I don’t think he would have chilled so much 6 months ago.

The snow is leaving us on the coast. We are glad it’s finally thawed! We can go for a decent walk!

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