The food fanatic and her fussy eater: one pan pizza.

I’m always looking for recipes that I can divide up and add all the veggies and spice that my fussy eater won’t eat. Who doesn’t like pizza!? Pizza is food of the gods. And it’s easy to make two different pizzas without feeling like your making two totally different meals.

I found the pizza base recipe on BBC good food website (the best website ever!), and I made up the rest.


200g strong white flour

1/2 teaspoon of fast acting dry yeast,

1/2 teaspoon golden caster sugar , 1/2 teaspoon of salt

125 ml warm water

All mixed together and then kneaded. Kneading only takes 5 or 6 mins. The dough is then popped into a spare container, covered in clingfilm and left to double in size somewhere warm for an hour or so. (Mine didn’t exactly double).

That’s all the hard work done; The rest only takes 15 minuets or so!

You cook off all the ingredients to go on top in your pan.

For me I did : tomato passata sauce, onions, peppers, ham and fried pineapple.

For my fussy eater: a bbq sauce, chorizo, ham and onion.

But you can really put anything on them.

Once the dough has risen knock the air out and roll it into a rough circle about the size of the frying pan. You then pop the base into the well oiled pan on a medium heat. Cook it until the bottom is golden brown, flip it over, chuck the toppings on including some cheese ( I used four different cheeses) and let cook through until the bottom is golden brown again. My husband’s pizza had quite a lot of cheese so I finished it off on the grill just to make sure it was melted nicely. Mine cooked well in just the pan.

I was a-bit nervous about this one but there was really no need to be. This really is the quickest pizza and so so yummy. It so simple I made it again today but just put garlic butter onto it – the best garlic bread I’ve had in a long while.

The fussy eater was pretty pleased and I dare say it’s the best thing I’ve made yet!

I think our shop bought pizza days are behind us!

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