Big-dog-little-handler: Duke’s first sleep over!

We went away without Duke for the first time in about 11 months and it was the first time Duke had a sleepover without us! My dad and step mum had beastie while we spent a few days in London. Duke though wonderful and beautiful can be, well, Duke. He’s prone to a bit of demand barking and can go a little hyper now and again. Prone to the zoomies: running around hyperactive for no reason. He is a crazy dog. But can also become nervous and unsure.

I trust my dad and step-mum with Duke but I really hoped he would behave and not put Nana and Grandpa off dog sitting again.

I was so nervous I barely slept the night before. We had decided to stay the first night with him so that he didn’t feel abandoned and traveled to London the next day. Duke was pretty relaxed that evening; having been to their home before he knew his way around and settled well. I barely slept and was out of bed pretty early! I must have given grandpa 101 bits of advice and reassured them we would come home when ever if needed.

After a play in the garden we left him to terrorise nana and Grandpa and headed off.

I don’t know wether to be proud or offended; he was a really good boy and behaved perfectly. He barely pulled on the lead and, all though he did attempt to chase a truck, he kept bad lead manners to a minimal! I’m told that he barely barked and promptly wrapped Nanna and Grandpa round his paw. My dad sent me lots of updates and pictures. It felt pretty scary leaving him behind: but as always he showed us how wonderful he is.

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