28 weeks of health and happiness

I’m trying desperately to get myself back on track! I was doing so well until our little family was hit by some difficult times. Now that things are starting to settle, and I’m feeling more emotionally settled myself, it’s time to get back on track!!! Back to myself.

After a long string of bad luck, unfortunate occurrences and the death of my much loved nanny I’ve found far too much comfort in food and hibernating. I’ve put on a little weight, haven’t felt much like myself, been moody and grumpy and I’m in need of a good shake up.

This week has been a bit of a preliminary week, setting me up for the change ahead… a start to 28 weeks of exercise plans, better eating, focussing on the happiness in my life and more structured approach to my health and fitness.

I had originally done a 28 day plan. Followed and finished it before our lives got complicated. All I achieved went out the window. So I have picked a longer time span…. let’s home it sticks.

Exercise – I took it pretty easy;


3.5 mile walk

2.5 km run

30 mins on bike

10 min stretches and yoga

40 sit ups


7 miles walk in total.


2.5 km run

Two dog walks both 45 mins and a short walk at lunch.


5km run

Two dog walks both 45 mins


45 min dog walk

It was my birthday so had a lazy day! Wednesday is also a dog training day go I spend all evening on my feet!


5km run

Short 25 min walk at lunch

Two 45 min dog walk


One dog walk.

Short 25 min walk at lunch


So there was no healthy diet as it was my birthday Wednesday and there was a ridiculous amount of food and cake.

Next week I crack down on food!

Positive mental health;

Positive mental health is really important. It’s important to do things that make me happy, help me to relax and keep my mental health in check, so I will be focusing on that to.

This week: I’m making sure I take time away from my desk at work. Getting up and going for a walk. I’ve been to dog training Wednesday and Friday (which I love) and the suns been out which has made me feel great(if a little warm).


This week was just to start me off. But I’m feeling pretty positive. I’m really hoping to get my running back on track! The first weeks plan looks a bit like this;


X3 dog walks, Run , Press ups X 40, Sit ups X40, Squats X40.


Kind dog walk, Short Run, Press UPS X 40, Sit Ups X 40,


2 or 3 X Dog walk, 6Km run, Indoor Bike 20 mins.


Run with Doggy, Gym Circuits session.


Dog run, 40 X Sit ups, 40 X press ups.


Dog walk X 2, 6km Run, Press ups X 40, Sit ups X40, Squats X40.


Dog walk and Rest day.

Well that’s the plan I may add some more in as I go! It’s a nice easy start to my 28 Weeks.

Wish me luck !!

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