28 Weeks of Heath and Fitness: Healthy eating struggle

I was meant to start my 28 weeks recently; but it just isn’t working. I’ve been unable to start. The idea of the 28 weeks is I have been trying to get back on track. Get fit, focus on being positive and eat well. It’s been difficult, to say the least. The exercise is the easy bit. I’m always out and about. And the rest of my life is generally healthy; I have a positive work life balance, a loving relationship and happy home. So the one thing that prevents me from being a queen of healthy living?? I can’t stop eating. It’s never ending. I think of food for probably 45 seconds of every minuet . I just love it .

My other unhealthy habits are pretty standard. I stay up late, don’t drink enough water and have a job where I’m sat most of the day. I like a drink now and then but I’m not a big drinker.

I love treatsI’m a keen runner though!I do like the odd cocktail!I’m always out and about with the dog.

My goal isn’t to loose weight. I want to be fit enough to run a full marathon or another half in the next 6-12 months! I love running but I want to go the next step. But in all honestly this 28 weeks isn’t only about running. It’s about happiness and focusing a bit more on my health.

Why is food such an issue?? It’s not that I don’t like healthy food … I really do. I just struggle not to eat the unhealthy food on top. It’s like the ice cream calls to me from the freezer, or the chocolate shouts out from the tuck shop. I have 0 will power to resist. It doesn’t matter what I do I have always been the same. I envy those who can say no to the offer of a biscuit. How does anyone resist the call of the ice cream… and sweets? Or garlic bread? Just writing this is making me hungry: I have issues.

I need to tackle my eating if I’m to start my 28 weeks. I have a plan… let’s just hope it works! I’m going to plan my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snakes. This might take away from by little obsession about when, and what, I’m going to eat. I’m hoping this will stop me thinking so much about food (I doubt it).

I’ve ordered loads of salad and veggies and a few healthy treats…. let’s hope I can stick to the plan… and stop snacking!

Once my eating is under control I can improve my running and eliminate a few other unhealthy habits.

Wish me luck….

Someone bring me a doughnut

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