Bucket list update: 90. Have our photograph taken by a professional

Photos are brilliant, a lasting image of a favourite memory or a favourite person. They capture our happiness and our most precious moments. I love taking photos; of the seaside, my husband and my wonderful pup, I love to take photos of everything and anything. One of my favourite things to do is go wondering in a new place with my camera.

my camera goes everywhere with me.

Although I will happily smile at the camera I always hate photos of myself- there is always something I don’t like. Typical I know!

I love a selfie

Professional photographers have the magic touch; they know where to put the lighting, where to point the camera and when. Making for a more flattering photo than the selfie I snap on my phone.

As a kid I’d had my picture taken but as an adult it wasn’t something I had thought about, for a long time it’s not something I would have bothered with. That is till I got married and wanted my little family To be photographed. I kept forgetting about it so I popped it on my bucket list.

My best friend gifted us a session with a photographer for our one year anniversary. It was the best gift. A chance to have our family captured in the right light and a beautiful setting.

The photographer who came to see us managed to capture the emotion we have for each other and the feeling of each photograph; which i really love. They managed to take some really lovely pictures. I think this might have to become a yearly tradition!

I can’t recommend our photographers more they where fantastic. They put us at ease and where fabulous with our dog. Our dog who is sometimes boisterous with new people. It’s amazing how as soon as the camera is pointed at you you forget how to behave like a human being. They did an amazing job.


3 thoughts on “Bucket list update: 90. Have our photograph taken by a professional

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  1. The photos are brilliant love, and well done to Becky for giving them as a present. I will have a little book made (like the Burns Night one) for you and a picture for us. It would be nice to do a wedding album at some point. Love Allways, Grandad xxx


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