Bella and the Hound

Bucket list update: 243. Be in a dog show with Duke.

We have come such a long way with our beastie! Although I would never wish to “show” my dog (we both don’t have enough discipline for that) it’s a great feeling to be able to show that all our work has taken some effect.

Our boy Duke.

I wanted to take part in a local show, as part of our dog training club, to demonstrate what our Club does because he has come along way since joining. I didn’t think it would ever happen; that I would have the confidence to stand in front of people with my boy or that Duke would be in a place where he could even take part without loosing his mind and all his training.

Well, turns out I would feel ready and Duke would be ready! A few weeks ago we were in our first show; and our wonderful boy did a great job. I couldn’t be prouder. We are even going to be in our second Demo show tomorrow!

Duke sat when he needed to sit, recalled and even did an emergency stop. How good is that!? He ignored most distractions and wasn’t bothered by all the people and dogs.