Why I took a break from keeping track

I’m obsessed with tracking my exercise. My steps, my distance, minutes of activity. Don’t get me wrong I love the feeling of knowing I have done well but, we have been under a lot of stress lately and so busy I have just not done the level of exercise I would normally. And I felt like a failure for not doing enough! It was starting to really get me down. I put myself under too much pressure which was making me eat poorly and exercise even less (funny how that works!) so I was caught up in a bit of a vicious circle.

So I took a conscious break! I went for a lovely run Sunday but no running the following week; just let myself focus on packing my house up (we are moving) and have a few lay ins. It’s also been HOT and I’m not a fan of exercising in the heat so the break came at the right time.

I didn’t do anything all week; the puppy dog still needed walking and I did a lot of box lifting and pulling so that counts for something right? But the rest of the week there was no exercising and a lot of tea and reading/telly. I was on annual leave for the week so the combination of pressure free mindset and not working was great! I did think about running, quite a few times, but decided to stick to my guns. The closest I got to running was taking the dog around the agility course.

Running around the course with Duke

I actually feel good for it. I feel genuinely rested! I felt under much less pressure and less like I was failing at Adult life, which was unexpected. But as a result I’m also really looking forward to my next run. I can’t wait to get my kit on (which was the desired effect!).

Packing is hard work!

I haven’t put on half a stone either! Surprisingly! I ate a lot less last week (I thought I would scoff my face) and I didn’t feel as lazy as I thought I would, maybe that’s the moving and keeping busy with the dog? But I did take a lot of naps. I needed the naps as moving is stressful. In short I feel pretty good with my week off. I suppose sometimes you have to give yourself a break? Let your body and mind reset. Well the Garmin watch is back on, so time to get those steps back up.

I popped the watch back on this morning

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