Bucket list update: 227. Own a Bonsai tree.

I’ve been a little obsessed with Bonsai trees since my nan showed me hers maybe 20 years ago. I just think they are amazing, fascinating and so, so beautiful. I have always wanted my own. Until recently every plant I have ever owned has had a very short life span; but after managing to keep a few herbs alive for over 4 months and moving house I decided now was the time to buy one. Fingers crossed it survives!! I bought mine from B&Q on a bit of a whim while trying to get some furniture and finishing touches for our new home (We have a mini tree but not Sofas! priorities sorted). I’m also eyeing up one from M&S for the kitchen. I just think they look great in the home and bring a pop of colour to the very neutral greys and sky blues of our home.

Eventually I would love to learn how to make my own. However right now that would definitely be beyond me. I’m guessing it takes a lot of attention to detail and patience.


I have been on a hunt for the perfect house plants for our new home, think I may have found it. I love having a bit of nature in the house it just adds a bit of life. Plus every time I look at my little tree I think of my nan and her “fairy tree”. Now I just need to learn how to do my own!





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