Big-dog-little-handler: wet walks!

I love a rainy walk. I always have done it probably comes from rainy holidays in Wales as a kid. Gran and Grandad took us out for the day no matter the weather. In fact I can’t remember a single occasion where wet weather prevented a day out.

In my adulthood nothing has changed. My poor husband was dragged all over the Welsh south coast cone rain or shine. He suffered mostly in silence.

Our hound also loves a good rainy walk. He loves a giant puddle to splash and create chaos in. But the best thing about walks in the rain? Less people only “outdoors people” the type of humans who don’t mind a muddy dog shaking next to them, mostly because they also have a soaking wet pooch to contend with.

Duke and I love the forest on a wet day – although we do tend to hope for not too much wind but we will still brave it on a blustery day. Sometimes too much wind means Duke struggles to hear me calling him back. He also gets a bit scared if the winds too rough and wants to walk on my feet.

A dull grey day gives Duke the chance to run around the forest or beach in full crazy mode as there is no bikers, joggers or small dogs to worry about. The less crowded the woods the more chance Duke has to run free. It also means that his favourite pass time is available: the ditches filled with water creating puddles, lakes and bogs to jump in with reckless abandonment. It was thanks to the last winter that we where able to work on Duke’s recall. The wet and chilly weather putting people off from going to our favourite walking spots. Less dogs and people means less distractions and more focus for the hound. It also means that he spends a lot more time off the lead as I’m not constantly popping him back on because there are dogs on the lead, horses or large groups of people.

The best thing about a wet walk? It’s a good excuse to come home get straight in our comfys, pop the kettle on and cuddle up in front of the telly! Which is what we are currently doing after our fabulous wet walk this morning.

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