Bucket list update: 280. Paint a piece of pottery

Another thing crossed off the bucket list. This one was something a little creative! I genuinely had a great time doing this one.

I’ve painted pottery before when I was small But I can’t really remember much about it so it was something I was keen to do again. I just love the idea of creating something to keep that’s also used. And who doesn’t like a bit of self expression?

The little cafe in Bournemouth, All Fired Up, was fantastic. Such a lovely set up. Bright, airy and it had an overall friendly feel to it. The process was also nice and easy, no complicated instructions, and it was surprisingly cheep! I was actually quite shocked with the overall price.

I’m not particularly arty, mostly because I’m low on patients with myself; I get frustrated when I can’t do things well straight away. Oh and because I have no artistic talent (despite having aspersions of being a Parisian street artist when I was 7). This was a surprisingly frustration free afternoon. In fact it was quite a soothing activity. I found the whole process quite calming.

I went with friends so it was nice to have a girly chat and catch up on recent event while attempting to be artistic. I don’t think I’ll be opening a fine pottery shop anytime soon but I don’t think I did too bad at painting my pottery pieces. I also made an almighty mess; which is always good fun. I genuinely can’t do any activity without waking a mess of myself and my surroundings.

I’d recommend All Fired Up for anyone looking for a relaxed and comfortable setting and looking to enjoy a slightly different weekend activity. The staff were friendly- but not too friendly they made you uncomfortable which is important when ur trying to enjoy a girly day. They were always around to lend a hand but not intrusive. We of course followed it up with lunch and cocktails but you can have lunch at the cafe; the menu and cakes looked pretty good.

I’ve got to wait 7 days till I can see my finished item but let’s hope it turns out well! (Of course my painting was dog themed) hopefully I’ll have a pretty new item for my kitchen.

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