2019 monthly challenge.

So 2018 … glad that’s going (almost gone!!). I’m very glad to put that behind us. One phrase I don’t want to hear myself say in the coming year is; “let’s just get this year behind us, let’s just get this year over and done with”. This year has been full of some pretty difficult events, and to be honest we have just rushed the year by. We haven’t really made the most of it in the way we have in previous years. But 2019 already brings good things. I’m already determined to make the most of 2019.

So every single month of 2019 I’m going to the following;

Have 1 lazy day

It’s easy to become swept up in all the things you want to do or have to do and forget to take it easy. I’m terrible for it. This year has been lacking in any sort of real relaxation. On my lazy days I iron, clean the bath room do 3 loads of wash etc etc. So for one day a month for the next 12 months I will lay in, snuggle up on the sofa with the dog and hubby and enjoy a chilled out lazy day! I’m betting I’ll feel all the better for it.

Visit a new place.

Every month take myself off to a new destination, with the dog and hubby, with just my husband, with friends or even on my own. We use to explore all the time, this year we have definitely explored a lot less. I see lots of wonderful places in our future.

Walk a “different” dog walk

We are creatures of habit because we are so busy. So Duke has his usual Thursday and Tuesday route, his Monday and Wednesday walkies, Friday walks and Saturday and Sunday destinations. Duke probably knows what day of the week by what walks we do! So at least once a month I will shake up his walking routine and we will visit an old favourite or a new walk.

Try something new.

A new drink, food, hair product, skin care, perfume… what ever it is. Just something new. I don’t often try new tings. I always stick to old favourites; so 2019 is all about trying new things.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

A big thing or a little thing. Something crossed off every single month. The bucket list has been a long project. A list of all the things I want to do, places I want to visit things I want to achieve. It’s a long list!

Watch a new film.

I love films but lately I haven’t found much time for them. So a new film at least once a month! Whether it be action, animation, triller or comedy.

Treat myself to something small.

I tend to mostly buy stuff for the house at the moment, or the dog, or buy stuff that’s NEEDED. A tiny bit of self indulgence can be good. Whether it’s a new book, nail polish or some posh tea.

Cook a new recipe.

I lost my cooking passion at the beginning of this year. So the coming year I’ll try a new recipe every month! I feel lots of delicious dishes in our future and maybe a few mess ups!

Run a different route.

I tend to run home from work mostly or run around my home. It’s easy to get stuck in a running rut. To stick to the same distance, speed and time as I’m just running the same route because it fits with my week…. once a month I’m going to break routine and avoid my normal route. Who knows maybe there’s some PBs in 2019?!

Download and listen to a new song.

I don’t listen to the radio so I don’t really discover any new music anymore. So 2019 will be the year of music – one new download every month.

Visit family or have family come to visit us.

We as a little family are easily swept up by our busy lives. Karl and I always have places to go and be. 2019 will hopefully mean making more time for each other and, importantly, making time for our wider family. So at least once a month we need to clear some time to spend it with our loved ones.

It’s been the longest year and we have rushed it by just wishing for a new start.

This coming year is one for reconnecting, discovering and enjoying.

Duke will also have some goals for 2019.

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