Bucket list update: 378. Stay in a hotel by myself.

Yep at the grand old age of 26 I had never stayed in a hotel on my own, I had never needed to till now.

However recently I had cause to stay away.

So, at first it was actually terrifying. I was in full panic mode! But after a while it wasn’t too bad.

I stayed in the Castle, Taunton, and had a lovely stay. It was a big, slightly spooky and old hotel but there were thankfully no ghosts (or at least active ones) and despite getting a little lost finding my room (it was in between floors 1 and 2 because apparently that’s a thing) I eventually had a pretty easy stay.

Checking in wasn’t the funnest experience as they couldn’t find my reservation but it was all smooth sailing after that. I woke up every hour as I hate sleeping without my husband, and I slept with the telly on to prevent me jumping at every sound, but that isn’t unusual for me. I definitely won’t be intimidated about staying somewhere on my own again.

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