2019 monthly challenge; January

At the start of the year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019. As January comes to an end I can happily say that I managed to cross everything off, and had a pretty great time doing it.

Have 1 lazy day

Lazy days are great! I work Monday to Friday so lazy days have to happen on the weekend, but so does everything else. But I decided to put aside the washing, ironing and general life admin for at least one day a month. So Duke and I went for a dog walk and then the three of us just lazed around and watched telle. It was lovely really, just what we needed. It was a nice change from the usual craziness of our routine. It’s nice to take time out for each other.

Visit a new place.

I went to Taunton ! I genuinely really enjoyed it. It’s such a lovely place; it seemed to have an endless supply or bars, restaurants and pubs. There is a beautiful winding river and pretty cobble stoned streets; it really is picturesque . I only had a quick visit but I would love to go back.

I haven’t decided where to visit next month but I can’t wait.

Walk a “different” dog walk.

We took Duke to Boscombe beach. Duke loved it, he had a great time splashing about in the sea. I would have never have thought about taking him to boscombe beach, there is so much going on I thought it would be far too much for him but he seemed to love it! He was impeccably we’ll behaved too.

Dog walks are truly my favourite ; I love to explore new places with my hound and adore heading back to our old favourites, which we also did.

I truly believe dog walks are good for the soul.

I’m looking forward to our next adventure.

Try something new.

This is a bit of a vague category. I popped it on the list as a way to experience as many new things as I could this year. To break out of old habits. So I tried UNISON! I attended a conference and loved it. I really enjoyed the whole experience. And it was something completely new to me. I’ve never been involved with unison before; other than paying my subs and reading the odd email from them.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

3 bucket list things this month!

Bucket list update: 174. Take a dog psychology/behaviour course.

Bucket list update: 401. Go alcohol free for a month.Bucket list update: 378. Stay in a hotel by myself.

I won’t talk about them here as the blog links are above!

Watch a new film.

We went to see Aqua-man in the cinema! Typical we don’t go to the cinema often; and who can blame us when it’s so darn expensive. £10 a ticket is a bit extreme. However our local cinema is an independent one so tickets are only £2.50 in the week £3.50 at the weekend. Bargain really. The only problem is it’s not a huge cinema so tickets can go fast for new films. It’s a great cinema nonetheless and we managed to get tickets to see Aquaman.

So it was a pretty good film. But don’t read this paragraph if you don’t want to know anything about it. Exactly what I like in a super hero film. Lots of sassy come backs and some great fight scenes. It’s your pretty standard super hero story there aren’t any major surprises. Aquaman aka Author finds his place on the world after much family fighting, some flirting and some self discovery.

Spoilers stop here.

If you have a local independent support it! Buy the snacks. Go there instead of the big names because £3.50 is s bloody good price.

I actually went to the cinema twice this month! I also went to see Marry Popins Returns; Which was utterly fantastic in every way. It is a really nostalgic film and beautifully made.

Treat myself to something small.

I bought myself a pair of new work trousers; which I’m very excited about. Most because they are pink! I don’t think I have worn pink trousers in about 15 years. These were from riverisland and are so so comfortable and such a pretty colour.

Cook a new recipe.

I haven’t done anything special just messed around with other and older recipes. I also tried making rice pots for my lunch.

I’ll cook something a little more interesting next month!

Run a different route.

I did a little night run off my normal route and really enjoyed it. It’s nice to shake up the routine a little. I always find I’m faster on a new route.

Download and listen to a new song.

I downloaded a few actually but this one is a great workout song;

A sweet punchy pop song.

Visit family of have family come to visit us.

My mother in laws birthday is in January so we met them at beach for the day. They live a bit of a distance away so we all went for a pub lunch and a walk on the sand.

I made this list and started this challenge because 2018 was such a rushed year for us, we just kept waiting for the year to be over as it had been such a difficult one. I wanted to take more time to have fun, experience as much as possible and to not rush through each month. I want to actually enjoy 2019, for karl and I, and of course Duke, to have as much fun as possible.

This month has been challenging, fun and difficult but most importantly it’s been full of new experiences and lots of joy.

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