Dorset London book exchange

I love to read, I always have. I do however struggle to find the time to. I almost forget how much I love to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea until I take the time to do so . This weekend my best friend came down from London with a fantastic gift; Noel Fitzpatrick’s book. Becky works in publishing and is currently finishing her Masters in children’s literature so she is definitely another book lover. She’s always talking about the latest book she is reading or has read (she consumes books at an alarming rate while I seem to take weeks to get through just one). Chatting about her latest read and me feeling quite excited to get started on “Becoming the Supervet” we compared books we have read and loved. We suggested books to each other; which sparked an idea. Which of course I quickly named, the Dorset London book exchange, because we all know I love a title.

This would be a way of introducing books to each other, discovering new books and for me it would encourage me to take the time to indulge my love of a good book.

The idea grew and we finally decided once a month we would send each other a book, or bring it in person for the months that we manage to meet up. As usual the idea grew further and we decided to add an item of “self care” or a treat to each parcel! Nothing massive; a face mask, some nice tea etc. As you can imagine there are lots of books we can’t wait to share with each other.

March’s offerings are;

From Becky: Noel Fitzpatrick’s “Becoming the Supervet”

I’ll let you know what I think of it; I’m so excited I’m going to start tonight.

From me; Kathy Reich’s “Flash and Bones”

Reich’s books were the basis of “Bones” a program which I absolutely loved and she helped produce. She is a forensic anthropologists, academic and author. Her books are amazing, but her career is also fascinating, the science in her books directly mimic her professional life. Everything she describes in her books she did. You can really tell from her writing, it feels real and authentic.

Reich’s books were my first introduction to crime novels so they hold a special place in my heart. The book follows Brennan (the literature version of Kathy Reich) she is investigating a body found in a barrel beside a racetrack. A mysterious toxic substance is found, the FBI get involved and everything gets a little tense. I loved the characters, although they are very different from the TV version, I found the story intriguing and was gripped from start to finish.

I won’t write any spoilers as Becky’s yet to read it but it’s worth a read if you want to try something new.

I’ll let you know what Becky thought of it!

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  1. Great writing once again! Sometimes l want your blogs to be longer, so I can read more. Didn’t know Becky was doing her MA in that area, that’s great. Please don’t say anything-to him or anyone- I was upset, angry and shocked at Karl’s Fb post. I need to help. Yet to work out specifically how. Love allways, GD xx

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