2019 monthly challenge: March

At the start of the year I gave myself a list of things I wanted to do every single month of 2019. As March comes to a close and April springs into action I can say that I managed to cross almost everything off, I had a little trouble running, and I’m still enjoying crossing off my little list every month. I’m loving it! It’s pushed me to consciously make the most of each month.

Have 1 lazy day

I’m so glad I decided to do this one! I’m loving the excuse to make myself take some extra well needed rest. I’m one of those people who is all go : up at 5 am and only just in bed before midnight so forcing myself to take some time to relax really helps! I have even started going to bed earlier in the week and forcing myself to have more down time.

Visit a new place

I didn’t take any pictures but we went for a dog walk around a local farm, it was nice to explore a new walk but it was really muddy, it was also a little short for us and far to windy to take any pictures at the time.

We also went to a lovely little beach in Hamworthy, Poole.

It was only a small beach but was a nice place for a stroll.

Walk a “different” dog walk.

Duke had a walk with a new friend! The gorgeous Inca.

Not only is Inca the sweetest of sweet girls. She has the nicest nature, and Duke also adores her! They loved playing together and there was cake for the humans which is always a bonus.

He was such a good boy; I realy couldn’t be prouder. He played with quite a few different dogs in the dog park and showed that he can be on his best behaviour.

Try something new.

So, I love running, I love exercise and I’m always in the gym. I do however suffer with my energy levels and I struggle to take in protein. I’ve been trying different protein bars and snacks to support my diet but sometimes they aren’t the nicest to eat. A little bit stodgy and dense. Found these scrummy cookies and gave them a try. Definitely a good protein booster! Now to just focus on my energy levels.

Cross something off my “Bucket list”.

Another gym based goal: read about it here.

Watch a new film.

We went to see Captain Marvel earlier in the month; and I was not disappointed. The next paragraph contains spoilers;

Just the right dose of girl power, witty humour, comedy, action and sass! I loved it. It might actually be my most favourite Marvel film so far. And may even rival wonder woman for my favourite super hero film, in-fact I think it does for one big reason; no love interest! Yes finally we have a female lead who isn’t in love with some man she has only really just met. Instead the film showcases how important a best friend is! Which was a really lovely extra. There were a few surprises and I enjoyed the hints at past film or “future occurrences” in the marvel universe timeline.

I loved it! No more spoilers! If you haven’t watched it get down there and see it!

Treat myself to something small.

I found these absolutely gorgeous earrings on Not On The High Street ! They are really subtle but a little unusual. They hook round your ear which makes them really easy to wear and comfortable.

Cook a new recipe.

I had a go at ordering from HelloFresh. I didn’t have anything I needed for the recipe apart from noodles so I substituted a lot of things; but it was really yummy and very spicy. I’ve downloaded a few recipes for next month.

Run a different route.

Ive injured my shoulder so haven’t been running but I have tried some lovely new walks: I start 1/2 marathon training now so need to get back to it!

Download and listen to a new song.

I’ve been looking for good gym tunes and this one popped up:

It’s a great song and can’t wait to add it to my running playlist.

Visit family or have family come to visit us.

My best friend Becky came to visit and although she isn’t technically family she is family to me!

It was great to have her in Dorset; we drank gin, went on some lovely walks, wondered around the shops and most importantly chatted for ages. It was fantastic to properly catch up. She lives and works in London so it’s hard to find time for a proper natter at times.

I introduced her to the world of dog walking and Dorset tearooms, although I think next time she will remember her wellies as she ended up covered in mud!

Listen to a song I haven’t heard in a while.

Right now I’m so obsessed with P!nk, not for the first time in my life, and just can’t stop replaying her 2001 album; M!ssunderztood. It came up on the itunes shuffle this month and I have fallen in love with it, again! There definitely is a P!nk song for every mood, day or period of your life your in! Happy, sad, angry; she’s got you sorted.

Do something that scares me.

I took Duke for a walk through the next village! I get quite nervous walking him through potentially busy places, he can be quite fearful and worried. I’m never really sure when presented with something new if he will be scared or brave. I worry more than anything about other people’s perception of him. He’s a big dog; so people can be scared of him and react to him in a less that favourable way. Duke was however a little star. He didn’t play up at all, didn’t bark or jump at anything or try to pull me over. He had to confront trucks, lorries, bikes, other dogs, big groups of people and the odd mobility scooter! He was on his best behaviour. What a good dog!!! He did however get stung by a bee so kept stopping for cuddles and sympathy on the way home.

Bring on April! Lots of lovely things planned.

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