Bucket list update: 451. Practice mindfulness every day for a week.

If you have never come across mindfulness it’s a way of being more present. Mindfulness gives you the chance to untangle yourself from your thoughts and gain some perspective. It encompasses you focusing on how you feel and what you are experiencing in the moment. It enables you to empty your brain of all the chaos.

Unsurprisingly it’s good for your mental health and has become incredibly popular over the last 5 or so years.

I’ve used it as an early years teacher and I have practiced it sporadically but never for a prolonged period of time till now.

I like to attempt it while dog walking, when I feel over whelmed at work with my todo list, when ever I’m traveling anywhere or when I’m running. I tend to not sit still because I’m not very good at that, sitting down to meditate isn’t for me, I like to be moving.

I tend to focus on my breathing in and out; the feeling of the ground beneath my feet, the smell of the air the feel and weight of the lead in my hand or even the smell of the coffee on my desk. I take the time to fully focus on my senses, what’s around me and happening within my own body.

I’m one of those people who gets lot in all my thoughts. I wind myself up easily. In fact I can pull problems out of thin air. When I take the time to let them go the world looks like a much more beautiful place.

What difference did a week make? I found myself feeling a little less obsessed with the things that where getting me down. A lot more able to see how beautiful the little moments in my day are!

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