Bella and the Hound

Bucket list update: 519. Have a (flexible) 5 year plan.

If I’ve learnt anything being an army wife (and before that girlfriend) it’s this; plans rarely work out. But for years and years I’ve wanted to have a plan , for my finances, for our savings , for my job, for our future. It’s a very loose plan but it has a plan A1 and A2, a plan B, C and D especially when it comes to my job and where we will live in the future. But it is a plan and a mighty good one.

It’s a plan to save and work towards the best possible future for us. To prepare for leaving the army but to have the best possible time while we are in it too. It’s a plan full of fun and good times and preparation for possible pitfalls and bad luck. Because, god knows, we have had more bad luck in the last year than we would have ever thought possible.

It’s not a plan for sharing and it’s just between us. But for the first time in my life there is some sort of a plan that I have genuine faith in.

The military has always kept us on our toes and unsure of what will happen next, but we are prepared for that. As best a we can be: Always expect the unexpected… or so they say. Rule number one: Never believe a thing the army tells you about your future postings (I’m joking…. slightly).

Now we all know five year plans rarely run smoothly; but wish us luck!